The Sambanistas were born at Artrage in September 1990 and 29 years later, we are still drumming and dancing!



Wondering if samba drumming is for you?

Come along, give it a go and find out. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to have fun and not take it‚ or yourself‚ too seriously.

Most of us had never played a musical instrument before joining the Sambanistas, but we believe there is a percussionist hiding inside everyone, just waiting to be set free.

The good stuff

Drumming has been shown to have many physical and mental health benefits:

  • increased coordination
  • reduced anxiety and blood pressure
  • improved brain function
  • increased positive emotions
  • making new friends and so many others

The Sambanistas are a group of ordinary folk who get together each week to bang drums, make beautiful music, and have a heap of fun in the process – Guess you could say we LOVE what we do!

Join Us

We run Beginners Workshops during the cooler months, so stay tuned for announcements.

You can join us at any time! We rehearse on every Sunday 12-2pm, usually , so just you give us a call or can drop us a email to let us know you’re coming and we will answer any questions you have.

There is a lot going on in our rehearsals, so don’t expect to pick it all up in one go‚ no-one ever has!

Generally the first hour will be devoted to intensively learning or practicing one rhythm. And then in the second hour we play everything that we know, this is the part where you think ‚”I have no idea what is going on!” Our advice is: Relax, enjoy the music and go with the flow.

Each week you will get more familiar with the music and will be taught each rhythm over a couple of weeks. After a few weeks, you’ll start recognising the different rhythms; and after a few months, you’ll feel more confident. Usually it takes a couple of months to get there – that’s completely normal!


We are a committed group of dancers with a special focus on Samba no Pé (literally, “samba in the foot”). This is the type of Samba one sees in the Brazilian Carnival parades and in other Samba carnivals over the world.

The good stuff

Regular Samba dancing has been shown to have loads of benefits:

  • Higher energy levels
  • Better posture
  • Fantastic fitness
  • Better mental health
  • Build strong muscles
  • Fun and so much more….

Join Us

We have weekly classes on Thursday evenings. We have a number of different levels, depending on your previous dance and/or samba experience. Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see our announcements for the start of each new term or email our Dance Coordinator for the latest updates.

Rehearsals / Classes

Drumming Sundays 12-2pm usually City Farm East Perth
Dancing Thursdays 7-8pm Como
Dancing Thursdays 7-9pm Balcatta