Samba Winter Retreat

30th Birthday retreat 2020

2020 is a huge year with the Sambanistas celebrating our 30th birthday this year. We invite all interested drummers, percussionists and dancers to celebrate this big event with us!

Due to COVID-19, we are unable to host our retreat for the WA Day / June long weekend, so please stay to tuned for further news about dates.

What are we planning this year?

Obviously a big celebration! As with previous years, there will be a mix of workshops and social activities that fill the weekend. If you wish to lead a workshop, contact us on

As per previous years, day time will be mostly about drumming – coming together to learn and play new and old rhythms, and single instrument sessions to develop technique… but there is always down time for other shenanigans too. And we have a couple of surprises planned already!

Evenings will have a choice of activities depending on where the mood takes us – dancing, drumming, singing, films, challenges, or just chilling out over a wine or two. One thing we’ve learned is to expect the unexpected – it’s often the impromptu stuff which has been the most fun.  

When is it this year?

As is tradition, it will be the long weekend in June, which starts in May this year.

Arriving the evening Friday 29th May (if we have enough interest) or early Saturday 30th of May. Please register your preference on the form below.

Day passes for Saturday and Sunday will also be available, if you prefer.


Currently being determined and will be advised as soon as well have agreement with the host venue.


Also yet to be determined, as we are negotiating with the venues

What’s it like?

No two retreats are the same. To give you an idea here’s things that have featured previously:

Night walks, fire pits, fire twirling, a ‘blind’ trail, African djembe drums, egg shakers, mass ukulele challenge, mass acoustic sets on guitars, mass kazoo challenge, mandolin (even a trombone once), lagerfone making, Indian dancing, clogging, salsa, tango, Jive, belly dancing (seriously – the guys that had a go were awesome!), junk percussion – who knew buckets, saucepans, metal teapots, or pool chlorine bouckets made great instruments ??), Name that Curry, Tim Tam Challenge, Festival of Fur, Ninja statues, the  ‘cup game’, Portuguese phrases, quiz nights, snare and tam technique workshops  etc….

Past Retreats

And here’s a few YouTube links..

WInter retreat funk 2013

Winter retreat 2013

Winter retreat 2012

AXE at the samba winter retreat 2012

Other Info

  • Bring your own breakfasts
  • Partners and children welcome; just contact to us to make appropriate arrangements.
  • More information will be provided soon!

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