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Sambanistas is a not-for-profit community group. Sambanistas value their right to learn in a friendly, creative and comfortable environment, unhindered by the unacceptable and/or inappropriate behaviour of fellow Sambanistas. The manners and laws of real life apply and you may be asked to leave if you breach the standards below.

  • The Sambanistas aim to create an enjoyable and social learning environment for people of all ages and backgrounds. Your right to speak freely here must be exercised with courtesy and self-restraint (especially when children are present.)
  • We welcome people of all ages, races, religions, genders, national origins, level of ability, sexual orientations and points of view.   We do not tolerate expressions of bigotry, hatred, harassment or abuse. We do not tolerate threatening, defamatory, abusive, tasteless or offensive statements or sexual innuendo.
  • The Sambanistas encourage children to participate in all rehearsals, workshops and performances, however parents/appointed guardians must be responsible for their children at all times.
  • During ‘Sambatime’ (rehearsals, workshops, performances and all related correspondence) all Sambanistas are required to behave in such a manner that is non-offensive and appropriate for children and fellow adult players. Inappropriate behaviour includes:
    • Harassment – sexual, verbal, written, physical or implied innuendos.
    • Sexually explicit and coarse language.
    • Racial, religious or sexual discrimination or bias.

Sambanistas is great fun and acting responsibly will ensure it remains fun for everyone.

This must be agreed to and signed by all members.


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