Still and moving image release

I give my unreserved permission for all still and moving images taken or recorded by or on behalf of or made available to Sambanistas Inc. of me (“the Images”) to be:  

  • used in any or all of the promotional and advertising material of Sambanistas Inc; 
  • and/or  provided to any third party, including but not limited to media organisations, government bodies, not-for profit organisations and Sambanistas Inc partners, for their use as they see fit. 

The Images may be used in various media formats including online media, social media, print, newspaper, video, public displays television and electronic means of communication and in any edited form. 

I waive any rights and claims, present and future, to any fees or royalties or other benefits whatsoever for or in connection with the use of the Images. If I wish to withdraw permission for Images to be used, I must so inform Sambanistas Inc in writing. I understand that if I so withdraw permission for the Images to be used, Sambanistas Inc will cease any future new publication or use of the Images, but for several years the Images may appear in printed and electronic material which has already been produced or disseminated. 

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

I also understand that images of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders may appear in printed and electronic material for several years. If I am an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, Sambanistas Inc will take reasonable steps to prevent the Images from appearing on material published after my death. However, I understand and agree that, despite those efforts, the Images may still be published or disseminated. 

I understand that Sambanistas Inc will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that any use of the Images by Sambanistas Inc or third parties complies with the Sambanistas Inc Photography Policy. 

The Photography Policy in summary states that Sambanistas Inc will:  

  • respect and protect those whose images are recorded; 
  • manage and use images owned by Sambanistas Inc appropriately.

I understand that I have no actionable right against Sambanistas Inc for any failure by either Sambanistas Inc or by any third party to comply with the Photography Policy or with the terms of this release.